Netflix Games Could Work On TV Using iPhone As Controllers


Last Updated: March 30, 2023, 13:58 IST

Netflix TV app could have support for games

The video streaming platform has gaming ambitions for which it needs to bring games to the big screen.

Netflix is building its armoury of games which currently stands around 40 titles but the platform has bigger plans to make the service popular. New reports this week suggest Netflix wants to bring games to the big screen and also work out a way to let you play the games using your iPhone.

Netflix recently suggested that it wants games to work on every Netflix device that users own, which definitely should include TVs and now a tipster has spotted hints in the iOS code of Netflix which shows the prospect of iPhone being used as a gaming controller.

The code basically says that the app needs a controller to play the game on the TV, and then asks where you want to use the phone as the controller? Having this code on the iOS app clearly indicates that iPhone users could have this compatibility on the Netflix app in the near future.

Netflix started its journey in the gaming arena by launching a few games for its subscribers in 2021. The company has even set up a dedicated gaming division which looks to attract popular gaming titles to the streaming app which could eventually become a standalone product. Having games work on TV is critical for Netflix to attract serious gamers, and using the iPhone as a controller does feel like a smart move, as the company can avoid working on a separate controller for its service, which only adds to the cost.

Gaming is a tough segment and Google realised that with Stadia which has shut down after trying out for a few years. Netflix has similar ambitions with its rumoured cloud gaming ecosystem.

The platform has currently made its games compatible on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and nothing for laptops or TVs but with the aim to focus on all Netflix devices, it is imperative that other form factors are also compatible, allowing the company to add more users to its subscriber base.

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