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Modi’s ‘Hunkar’ Rally in Patna

Modi’s ‘Hunkar’ Rally in Patna

hunkar' rally in PatnaPatna, October 27 Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate for consequent general elections Narendra Modi can address ‘hunkar’ rally Sunday in the Bihar capital.

It will launch the party’s election campaign in Bihar after its Chief Minister Nitish Kumar parted ways with the BJP four months ago.

It will be the strength for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) under its prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Bihar, when the ruling Janata dal (United) ended its 17-years-old alliance with BJP.
Narender Modi’s rally is seen as a bid to mobilise support and strengthen the support base in the state.

Lok Sabha polls of 2009 , the party had won twelve seats, while the JD(U) won twenty seats, once they had contested as a combined force.

It is expected that Modi can target Nitish Kumar, who has openly opposed him by repeatedly saying that the prime ministerial candidate ought to be of secular credentials.

BJP state president Mangal Pandey and party legislator Griraj Singh, a vocal supporter of Modi’s Hinduvta brand of politics, claimed that rally will be the largest ever and a historic one.

The party has employed eleven special trains, 20,000 SUVs, 6,000 buses, 126 river boats, thirty three cranes and a giant gizmo-laden stage.

JD(U) spokesperson Neeraj Kumar said, “Modi spend money like anything for the rally,” .


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