Madhya Pradesh Minister Supports BJP Leader’s “Surpanakha” Remark Amid Row


Kailash Vijayvargiya received backlash for his ‘Surpanakha’ remark (File)

Indore, Madhya Pradesh:

Madhya Pradesh Culture and Tourism Minister Usha Thakur came out in support of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya’s remark about calling girls and women wearing indecent dress ‘Surpanakha’.

Usha Thakur on Saturday said, “If one doesn’t follow the Vedic Sanatan tradition, then the person will be called of Rakshas Pravriti (characteristics of demons).”

Notably, Mr Vijayvargiya made the controversial remark which hit the headlines during an event organised on the occasion of Mahavir Jayanti in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore district on April 5.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr Vijayvargiya had said, “We consider women Goddess, but the girls wear such indecent clothes in which they look like ‘Surpanakha’ (sister of Lanka king Ravana).”

Mr Vijayvargiya had also expressed his displeasure over the increasing trend of intoxication among the youth on that occasion.

Reacting to Mr Vijayvargiya’s remark, Women Congress President, Vibha Patel said, “BJP is forgetting dignity after being puffed with the pride of power. By using indecent words, he (Vijayvargiya) considers himself a great leader, but the truth is that he should pay attention to his words.”

“In which era Vijayvargiya is living, today women are moving ahead in every field, so they have every right to wear clothes, eat and drink according to their own choice. If women are using their freedom, then definitely there should be decorum in it. But leaders should take care of their dignity before making any comment,” she added.

BJP spokesperson Neha Bagga said, “Vijayvargiya’s statement is being presented in a distorted manner. His intention is that of a parent. There is a concern because of that he has put his point in front of the society. His topic was on the girls who get intoxicated with liquors. Kailash ji, as a parent, has tried to explain to the girls that we have to take our own responsibility for the safety of ourselves in the society.”

Targeting the congress party, she said, “Congress is that party whose senior leaders say on incidents like rape that if one cannot protest then they should enjoy it. Congress is of that mindset that if one of their leader Karan Morwal rapes a worker of their own party and Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi remains silent even after being a woman. So it would be better if the Congress does not give advice on this matter.”

“What Vijayvargiya has said is the concern of the society and the concern of the parents. Sometimes this type of language is used to explain to the children and I think that instead of distorting the video, understand its feelings,” Ms Bagga added.

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