Kolkata Metro fares to go up from Nov 7


Kolkata-MetroKolkata, October 24 The Kolkata Metro railway fares can go up between 25 % and over 100% for numerous distances from November 7, the railway board declared Wednesday.

The total railway route has been divided into 6 zones, according to the distance, in computing the raised fares. So long, there were 5 zones.

The recent zone was for distances between twenty five and thirty kilometer. So long, any distance above twenty kilometer was considered one single zone.

The minimum fare, valid up to 5 kilometer, would be Rs.5. it’ll be 25 % more than the present fare of Rs.4 that commuters have to shell out now.

The maximum fare, valid for distances between twenty five kilometer and thirty kilometer, would be Rs.25. So long, commuters had to pay a maximum fare of Rs.12 for travelling any distance over twenty kilometer.

Between 5 to 10 kilometer, the fares are increased from Rs.6 to Rs.10.

Those traveling between eleven and fifteen kilometer would got to pay Rs.15 as against the Rs.8 they deal out currently.

The fare would stay Rs.15 for those travel between between fifteen and twenty kilometer.

Between twenty one and twenty five kilometer, the fare would be raised to Rs.20.

The Railway Board had October 15 declared a sharp raise in fares, with the rates increasing by up to 2.5 times on certain stretches.

Kolkata metro, the country’s initial metro rail system stretching across 25.135 kilometer on the city’s busy north-south axis from dumdum to Kavi Subhash, opened industrial services in 1984.

It ferries around 6.5 lakh commuters on weekdays and nearly four lakh passengers on weekends.


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