International Literacy Day to focus on women’s education


WORLDNew Delhi, Sept 03: A day-long conference in Dhaka on International literacy Day Sept eight can target the importance of girls’ and women’s literacy and education for property development, unesco aforesaid Wed.

To celebrate this day, a conference can happen in Dhaka, wherever the govt of Bangladesh in cooperation with unesco can deliberate on “Girls’ and Women’s literacy and Education: Foundations for property Development”.

“Participants can mirror on girls’ and women’s education and literacy as conditions for lifelong learning and property development, drawing on experiences from Bangladesh and round the world,” aforesaid a UNESCO statement here.

During the conference, the findings of the 2013/14 “Education For All world observation Report” (GMR) also will be conferred.

The report observes that “if all ladies had a primary education, kid mortality might fall by a sixth and maternal deaths by two-thirds”.

“Child marriages would fall by fourteen p.c if all women in Sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia had primary education, and by sixty four p.c with education,” the report aforesaid.

According to the report, poor quality education is going away a bequest of illiteracy additional widespread than antecedently believed.

“One in four tykes – 175 million adolescents – is unable to scan one sentence,” aforesaid the GMR report that comes that “it can take till 2072 for the poorest young ladies in developing countries to find out to read”.

This year’s activities target the links between literacy and property development.

Unesco believes that literacy is the basis for lifelong learning and plays a vital role within the creation of property, prosperous and peaceful societies.

“We should invest additional,” UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova aforesaid.

“I attractiveness to each member state and every one our partners to redouble efforts – political and money – to confirm that literacy is absolutely recognized in concert of the foremost powerful accelerators of property development,” she said.


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