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Injured suspect in Patna serial blasts dead

Injured suspect in Patna serial blasts dead

Patna serial blasts deadPatna, November 1 A suspect in the serial blasts that hit the Bihar capital last Sunday and who was seriously injured in a bomb explosion at the Patna train station, Ainul alias Tarique, died due to his injuries at a hospital here, police said.

Director of the Patna Mr Arun Kumar, -based Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, where Ainul was admitted with splinter injuries to his brain, confirmed that he was dead.
“Ainul died late Thursday,” .He succumbed to serious injuries in his brain,After battling for life for over 5 days,

According to police officers, Ainul was admitted to the hospital here as he was found crying in pain close to the railroad station rest room after the bomb exploded when he was trying to fix it or fit a timer.

Director said that before his identity was disclosed by the police, he was believed to be a victim.

“With a splinter lodged in his brain, the possibilities of his recovery were very poor. He was unconscious and not responding to medication after being admitted to hospital.

Six individuals were killed and eighty three injured in seven bomb blasts in Patna.

Six of the seven blasts occurred Sunday at Patna’s Gandhi Maidan before Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi was to address a rally.


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