Indian Gamers Are Starting To Earn 6-12 LPA, New Study Reveals; Parents Are Happy


Online gaming’s rise as a career option has secured global popularity.

Gaming as a career is on the rise, going mainstream. HP study finds nearly half of Indian gamers now view it as a viable income source.

With gaming and esports starting to influence the creator economy more than ever before, a career in gaming is on track to become more mainstream, diverging from the niche it occupied just a few years ago.

Amidst this shift, a recent study by HP has revealed that almost half of Indian gamers are seriously considering gaming as a source of income. Based on the responses, they are earning anywhere from Rs 6 lakh to Rs 12 lakh. This study involved 3500 participants, including 500 parents from 15 tier 1 cities and 15 tier 2 cities across India.

In addition to these findings, gamers can also earn income through additional sources such as brand sponsorships, tournaments, and streaming, all of which contribute to their influence in the gaming community.

There’s been a positive shift in how parents respond to their kids’ interest in gaming. According to the HP report, nearly 42% of respondents approved of gaming as a hobby, and 40% said their perspective had become more positive in recent years. However, some parents still have doubts about the field, with 49% relying on friends and family for information.

Gaming is not just popular in India’s big cities; even smaller cities are getting in on the action. The study found that 75% of Gen Z and 67% of millennials in non-metro areas take gaming seriously, and 58% of female respondents expressed  interest.

The study also looked at gaming hardware and found that 67% of gamers prefer to use a gaming PC over let’s say a mobile phone. Additionally, it was revealed that most gamers are willing to spend more than Rs  1,00,000 on gaming hardware for better control, performance, and higher frames per second.

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