Facebook Now Lets You Use Multiple Profiles Without Logging Out: How It Works


Last Updated: September 22, 2023, 11:44 IST

Facebook now lets you create and switch between profiles for same account

Facebook is now adding multiple profiles so that you can separate personal and professional life on the social media platform.

Facebook seems to be somewhat relevant today, even though it has been surpassed by other platforms like Instagram and WhatsApp. However, the social networking app owned by Meta wants to bring new features so that more people can sign in and stay connected with their friends and family.

The latest addition to Facebook is the ability to create multiple profiles and you don’t even need to log out to access them. “ Think one profile for the foodie scene you love and another one to keep up with your friends and family,” Facebook has highlighted the purpose of the feature in its post here.

It is interesting that Facebook has finally realised that people want to keep their personal and professional lives separate and for those people, the option to create multiple profiles will definitely appeal. And Facebook has picked these trends after seeing it work well for Instagram, which is also owned by Meta. “We’ve seen the success of separate interest-based accounts on Instagram, so we’re excited to bring this option to Facebook,” the post explains.

Facebook confirms the ability to create multiple profiles is starting to roll out globally this week and will be available to everyone over the next few months. You can make posts for different profiles and comment based on which profile you want to post from.

Facebook Multiple Profiles – How It Works

Facebook has shared the details of how the multiple profile feature works and how you can create one for your account.

– Click on your profile name on Facebook

– Tap on Create another profile on Facebook

– Now choose a different username and photo for this profile

– Add friends and groups that you want to connect with using the secondary account

– Tap on the profile icon on the bottom-right of the Facebook app to switch accounts seamlessly

The platform also pointed out that this feature is not available for Facebook features like dating, marketplace, professional mode and payments. Both the Facebook app and web version are getting support for multiple profiles and will be expanded to Messenger in the coming months.

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