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Egyptian PM hails UAE support

Egyptian PM hails UAE support

pmAbu Dhabi, October 27 Egypt’s Prime Minister Hazem El Beblawi expressed gratitude to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for supporting the Egyptian people.

In a meeting of the Egyptian community members in Abu Dhabi Friday, Al Beblawi said UAE’s stance had ushered in a new section for the historic ties between the 2 countries.

“The UAE has been extending support to Egypt in economic, political and investment fronts. Moreover, the UAE diplomacy compete a key role in rallying support for the revolution among many countries, its financial support has helped Egypt avert several crises,” he said.

On the current scenario in Egypt, Al Beblawi said: “The government cannot restore stability by 100% but it’s working very hard to regain the feeling of security and is already creating huge progress. the average Egyptian citizen feels currently there’s a government protecting lives and properties.”

“I am very upbeat regarding the future of Egypt, but that doesn’t mean things are simple. Egypt is currently like a sick patient who has to be attended to carefully,” the prime minister said.


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