Home Featured Earth quake hits Philippine tourist islands : 32 dead

Earth quake hits Philippine tourist islands : 32 dead

Earth quake hits Philippine tourist islands : 32 dead

philippine-earthquake32killedEarthquake jolted three central Philippine islands, killing at least 32 people, tearing down buildings and triggering landslides.
The 7.1-magnitude quake caused centuries-old churches and modern buildings , major roads and blocked by landslides.
The governor reported that at least 16 people had died there and more than 100 others were injured, while 1 person was killed on the neighbouring island of Siquijor.
Balido and others involved in the relief and rescue operations with the full extent of the damage yet to be assessed.
The quake struck at 08:12 (0012 GMT) near Balilihan, populated with 18,000 people on Bohol, at a depth of 20 kilometres (12 miles), the USGS reported.
It hosts the country’s busiest port and largest airport outside of the capital Manila. .

The entire front of the church has collapsed onto the street..
However nobody was in the church at the time of the quake.
“There are huge cracks in the hotel and there was a collapse of the view deck on the second floor,” he told.
However no-one was injured there, he said.
Tuesday’s quake was followed by at least four aftershocks measuring more than five in magnitude.


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