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Court reserves order on BSP leader’s bail plea

Court reserves order on BSP leader’s bail plea

BSP leader's bail pleaNew Delhi, nov eighteen city Police Monday opposed the bail plea of BSP MP Dhananjay Singh, speech he was concerned within the change of state of a video showing his mate torturing their maid to death.

Police told Metropolitan functionary Gomati Manocha that the content of the Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) was formatted nov one at six.58 p.m.

After hearing the police and Dhananjay Singh, the decide reserved the order on the bail application for nov twenty speech she’s going to 1st study the video footage.

Defence counsel and senior advocate N. Hariharan told the court that Dhananjay Singh failed to play any role within the murder as he was out of town once the maid died.

Police retorted that the telecommunication decision records of Dhananjay Singh and his mate Jagriti, a tooth doctor at a government hospital, showed they were in constant bit throughout the incident.

Countering the defence counsel, police additionally told the court that the BSP MP knew that his doctor-wife was pitilessly beating their house servant however he paid no attention.

Police said the MP was additionally concerned within the torture because it was happening together with his information.

Dhananjay Singh, it absolutely was added , knowing police regarding the maid’s death solely each day later and handed  over the DVRs even later.

They said the MP’s mate used picket sticks, iron rods, iron press and even silver, artificial cervid horns to beat the maids.

Police said that once the maid died, the MP tried to destroy the recording of twenty CCTV cameras put in in his house.

The MP has blame his mate for the death and said he had already filed for divorce. Jagriti is that the second mate of Dhananjay, whose 1st mate committed suicide in 2007, police said.

Dhananjay Singh, United Nations agency represents Jaunpur Lok Sabha body in Uttar Pradesh, was inactive and reserved for destruction of proof and violating the provisions of the Juvenile Justice Act.

The politician has claimed that the deceased wasn’t a minor by exhibiting her faculty record.

Hiw mate has been reserved for murder, conceive to murder and additionally for violating the Juvenile Justice Act.

The court Monday sent the couple to 2 days of judicial custody.


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