China punishes officials for not acting against polluters


terrorists freed by Pakistani courtsBeijing, October 25 China’s ministry of supervising Thursday revealed ten major cases of environmental harm in which native officers were punished for failing to prevent or act after severe pollution.

Environment Protecting is an important duty for presidency at all levels,” Xinhua quoted a statement from the ministry as saying.

Departments of Supervision should ensure local governments fulfil their duties to environmental protection and pollution reduction, with an perspective of “high responsibility for younger generations,” it added.

“Iron fist policies should be adopted to punish lawbreakers and audit officers who administrate the matters.”

The vice mayor of Hezhou in southwest China’s Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region and different 26 officers were disciplined and 4 were prosecuted for failing to prevent scores of mines from illegally discharging wastes, causing serious pollution to town tself and the Zhaoqing city downstream.

Officers from district of Tianjin ( Dagang ) town were punished for permitting six factories as well as the Julong paper mill to work without passing environmental impact analysis and discharging waste water without treatment.

There were eight different cases of environmental harm in north China’s Hebei and Shanxi, east China’s Shanghai and Shandong, and central China’s Henan, as a result of officials’ malfeasance.


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