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Australia’s war in Afghanistan over: Tony Abbott

Australia’s war in Afghanistan over: Tony Abbott

Prime Minister Tony AbbottCanberra, October 29 “Australia’s longest war” is finishing and its defence forces mission in Afghanistan are complete by 2013 end, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced in a statement Tuesday.

The prime minister arrived in Afghanistan Monday evening for a “recognition ceremony” to mark the end of Australia’s involvement in the war that has seen the loss of 40 Australian soldiers over over a decade, according Xinhua.

In the , PM declared the Afghanistan war is difficult.

“Australia’s longest war is ending,” he said. “Not with defeat, not with success , but with, we hope, an Afghanistan that’s better for our presence here.”

By the end of the year, over 1,000 Australian troops presently serving in Afghanistan will have returned home. however it isn’t the end of Australia’s commitment to Afghanistan.

“It was necessary to reaffirm Australia’s ongoing commitment to support Afghanistan’s security, governance and development in 2014 and beyond, together with ongoing training for the Afghan National Security Forces and development help,” the statement said.


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