Asus VivoBook Pro Brings OLED 3D Display That Works Sans Glasses


Last Updated: January 05, 2023, 17:23 IST

Asus has unveiled its new laptop with a 3D display

Asus is using a unique tech to bring 3D viewing experience on the laptop screen.

Continuing with its focus on innovation, Asus has opened the stage at the Consumers Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023) with its new VivoBook Pro laptop that offers a 3D experience without having to wear the glasses.

The OLED tech on the new laptop takes advantage of SpatialLabs technology which produces 3D images on the screen using a combo of optical lens, stereo camera and eye-tracking features. Asus isn’t the first brand to offer this feature on a laptop, Acer was the first name to bring this technology in front of the world back in 2021. But going by Asus and its consistent progression with products, the 3D display was going to be the obvious next move.

Asus has crafted its 3D tech to work for two people at the same, giving them 3D renders glasses-free. Asus says there is 3D-centric content like videos and games that best justify the use case of this technology, but it is fair to say that most people will find it a luxury, like most of the other features offered on a premium laptop these days.

As for the main details of this 3D OLED panel, you have support for 3.2K resolution, something that Asus has offered on its premium notebooks, and a 120Hz refresh rate screen that brings extra fluidity to the panel.

Companies have tried offering 3D with the additional hardware which has failed to capture the attention of consumers, now it is possible that having a glasses-less 3D viewing could determine its actual value if the supported technology is able to deliver the results.

These powerful machines are mostly used by professionals, who often prefer using a PC, so it will be intriguing to see how the industry sees the potential of 3D with glasses and whether it works for them or not. Either way, we are eager to see the power of 3D on a laptop screen in front of our eyes.

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