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Apple and Samsung back in court

Apple and Samsung back in court

Samsung-vs-AppleApple and Samsung return to a CA court in the week for another spherical in the blockbuster patent trial between the 2 biggest smartphone makers.

A jury trial opens Tues to reconsider damages awarded last year in the case stemming from Apple’s allegation that its South Korean rival illegally copied technology from the iPhone and iPad.

The new trial became necessary after a judge cut some $450 million from a damage award of more than $1 billion to be paid by Samsung.

Judge Lucy Koh, in her ruling in March, affirmed is remainder of the award, amounting to $598.9 million. but a new trial must be held to reconsider some of the allegations.

Apple suspect its rival of massive and willful copying of its designs and technology for smartphones and tablets and won the landmark case in a jury call in August 2012. but the case has been on hold pending multiple appeals.

The CA case are among several pending in courts and administrative agencies around the world between the two electronics giants, each of that accuses the other of infringing on its patents.

After years of following and refining the iPhone’s pioneering innovations a technique that resulted in bitter patent battles with Apple Samsung has dethroned its California-based rival to become the world’s prime smartphone maker.

Judge Koh set the jury trial to start Tues and, if the case drags on, the jury might pause for the Thanks giving vacation from November 27 to Dec 1, and resume on Dec 2.

Even though Apple won its case, this has not had much impact on the new smartphones hitting the market.

Samsung extended its lead over Apple in the world smartphone market in the third quarter, according to surveys.

The South Korean electronics big increased its market share by nearly half a percentage point to thirty one.4 percent, in keeping with the IDC survey. Apple sold-out thirty 3.8 million iPhones within the quarter, half its growth was slower than the overall market, so its share slipped to 13.1 % from 14.4 % a year ago.


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