Alert Cop Saves Woman From Falling On Delhi Metro Track


The cop seen rescuing the woman

New Delhi:

A woman, standing dangerously close to the edge of a platform, was pulled away by an alert cop just in the nick of time at a Delhi metro station last week, showed a video.

The incident is from Arthla Metro Station on Saturday at around 5:46 pm.

CISF Inspector Sanjeev Kumar Sharma tried to warn the woman but his words were drowned out by an incoming train, the Central Industrial Security Force said in a statement. Moving quickly, the cop pulled the woman away and saved her life.

“He swiftly acted and pulled the woman away from the edge of the tracks towards the platform to save her,” it said.

“The said passenger was asked for any assistance upon which she denied and thanked the CISF Inspector for saving her life and boarded the metro,” it further added.

The woman has not been identified.



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