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Air force launches 3G network

Air force launches 3G network

airforceNew Delhi, October 26 The Indian Air Force Friday launched a 3G network for its employees, becoming the primary among the forces to own a 3G network.

The network, named AFCEL (Air Force Cellular), can give a secure 3G network for communication to air force employees.

“We are taking a leap forward in our quest to produce mobile and secure “end-point” connectivity to air warriors deployed across the length and breadth of our country,” Mr. N.A.K. Browne the Air Chief Marshal said when the launch of the primary phase of the network.

“this can facilitate real-time exchange of knowledge in the ever dynamic operational atmosphere that we operate in,” he said.

This technological advancement can provide for a secure network enabling voice, data, video streaming and file sharing, enhancing and facilitating communication for the IAF.

While phase i of the project can guarantee mobile connectivity to all air warriors within the capital Region, phase ii will cover the remaining of the bases.

IAF already has Air Force Network (AFNet), that is IAF owned, operated and managed, and GB digital data grid, which was launched in 2010, replacing the older system of communication.


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