15 Ways to build muscle


15 Ways to build muscleMuscle building and ways to gain muscle mass are crucial for bodybuilding. Here are 15 ways to gain muscle mass, which is a combination of diet and workouts.

Calorie intake:

For muscle building it is important to increase calorie intake as energy is needed for intense weight training. But there are chances that you may pile on excess body fat with a high calorie diet. Consult a reputed fitness consultant to avoid eating excess fats.

Compound exercise:

Exercises that utilises more than one muscle group and more than one joint, are known as compound exercises. Compound exercises are perfect for muscle building. These exercises use weights and cables to increase muscle mass.

Train in the morning:

Training in the morning is a great muscle building tip. When you workout in the morning on an empty stomach, it increases muscle mass by stimulating the muscles.

Digestive enzymes:

When you’re goal is to build muscle, your intake of food increases to supply energy for training and for muscle growth. Hence, your body needs additional help to digest the food, especially to absorb the nutrients.

Stay hydrated:

Fluids and drinking plenty of water through the day is important for bodybuilding and muscle building. Drink plenty of water throughout the day as you build up to the workout to keep you satiated. Drink water every 10-20 minutes during your workout too, as dehydration affects your body.


Squats are essential for muscle building, but doing half squats or doing it incorrectly can cause knee problems.


Deadlifts are another way to gain muscle mass. Include lifting weights in your bodybuilding routine. Weight training is important for muscle building.


When you are exercising, especially weight training, and putting your body under a lot of pressure your body requires a set amount of protein for it to develop and maintain muscle and cope with wear and tear. This helps in repairing our body faster and much more efficiently.
Proper form:
For muscle building, weight training is important, but more importantly practice the exercise using the right form and method.
Eat after training:
A combination of carbs and protein is a good way to build muscle mass after a workout. Carbs increase insulin, due to amino acids, which enhances muscle growth.
Get sufficient amounts of sleep for your body to rejuvenate and build mass. Your body needs to rest for at least eight hours.
Foods for muscle building:
Red meat is a rich source of iron, which is important for muscle building. Eggs are also important for bodybuilding
Do not avoid healthy fats:
Include healthy fats such as nuts and fish, to supply you with energy. Fats are needed by your body to function properly.
Cardio is needed:
Also, include cardio in your workout routine as it doesn’t prevent you from gaining muscle mass.
Bodybuilding takes time:
Bodybuilding cannot be rushed; training tips for a beginner are different compared to seasoned bodybuilder. If you’re a beginner learn the basics thoroughly to be a successful bodybuilder.


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