Tiger strays from Ranthambhore reserve


tigerBUNDI(Rajasthan): Seven teams of forest department experts are maneuvering through a forest near Ranthambhore National Reserve for a two-and-a-half year tiger, which strayed from the reserve about a month ago and has devoured several animals in the area.

The young tiger has strayed into forest near Kalamal area of the district from the reserve, and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has fixed five cameras to locate the feline at the suspected sites.

District forest official (DFO) Digvijaya Gupta said,”the tiger was first discovered on August 24 when it killed an ox in the forest.”

“Later, forest officials found out the pugmarks of the tiger,” Gupta said.

Forest officials from Jaipur and Ranthambhore have started efforts to shift the tiger into Ranthambhore National Reserve (RPN), he said, adding “tranquilising tiger is a tough job in thick and hilly forest as there is no plain field.”

Cattle guard Bindra Dutt said that the tiger was born to Tigress T-8 of the reserve.

He also said,”it is difficult for search teams to trace the tiger as there are thorny trees and deep ravines.”

Meanwhile, locals have protested shifting of the tiger and its tracing, and have submitted a memorandum demanding the tiger be kept in the Talwas forests and its mother T-8 should also be brought there.

Wildlife activist and a voluntarily worker of forest department Vittal Sanadhaya said,”the climate and the forests of Talwas offers good and healthy environment for wildlife and it is also a part of Ramghar sanctuary.”

A panther was also spotted recently in Chambal Dheebri region of Kota. It has also attacked two persons and is believed to have been strayed from Ranthambhore National Reserve.


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