Cuba’s Bellamar Caves proposed for World Heritage site


bellamar-caves11Havana, November 2 Sections of Cuba’s Bellamar Caves are being thought-about for UNESCO’s World Heritage status, the official Granma daily reported Friday.

If accepted, the location in the western province of Matanzas would become the country’s 10th cultural or natural attraction on the world Heritage list.

Choose caverns at Bellamar were being considered for their “exceptional beauty”, said Bielka Cantillo(director of Cuba’s Provincial Centre of Cultural Heritage),

Those sections of the 23-km-long cave system are not accessible to the public and so are still in pristine condition.

The caves, known for stalactite formations and marine fossils, are calculated to be over 25,000 years old.
Their most distinctive feature is a translucent and complex network of crystal formations created over the years by successive floods that have left sedimentary crystalline layers.


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