Home Entertainment It wasn’t a fake accent: Mallika Sherawat

It wasn’t a fake accent: Mallika Sherawat

It wasn’t a fake accent: Mallika Sherawat

mallika_sherawat_latest_normal-normalMallika Sherawat was heavily criticized for adopting an accent that some would call fake, during a video interview at the Cannes Film Festival this year. However, the actress says that it wasn’t a fake accent, but just her way of making Americans understand what she was saying. In a chat, she talks about finding love through a reality show and more:

On her ‘acquired’ accent “It wasn’t a fake accent. When Americans come here, it is difficult for us to understand their accent when they are from Texas or other places. Similarly, the Indian accent is quite difficult for Americans to understand. That is why, you try to neutralise your Indian accent and you try to speak in another accent. When I go to Haryana, I speak Hindi with a Haryanvi accent. That was it. There was no ‘put on’ accent,” she says.


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