Twitter Divided Over BLACKPINK Jennie’s Bold Dance Moves In The Idol; Netizens Say, ‘It’s So Wrong But…’


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Last Updated: June 05, 2023, 21:44 IST

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Jennie from popular K-Pop group BLACKPINK made her debut with The Idol.

While some hailed Jennie for showcasing her risqué side, others slammed her for taking part in the project.

Jennie Kim from the popular K-Pop group BLACKPINK has taken everyone by surprise by playing one of the pivotal characters in Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye HBO drama series The Idol. In the first episode of the show itself, Jennie has left the internet divided over a segment where she performed a racy and bold dance sequence.

Needless to say, Jennie was definitely the highlight of the episode despite her appearance for about ten minutes. Essaying a backup dancer named Dyanne and a good chum to the protagonist Lily-Rose Depp, scenes involving the K-pop singer were highly sensuous and bold for her usual avatar. Meanwhile, fans were hyped to see Jennie in this new light, others slammed her for her choice to be a part of this project.

Take a look at some of the reactions.

#THEIDOL caught me off guard. It’s so wrong but someway it exposes the way fame affects people. Although, #JENNIE did a good job for her first appearance an actress. I don’t understand why people hates her… Isn’t she 27 years old? Her dance was provocative, just as the show.— Jennie’s left hand (@roseshusban) June 5, 2023

Jenny you are a smart woman. after this drama comes out, you will know that many people will curse you. I believe in your choice. You are my inspiration, to always try new things and be brave in making decisions. when you don’t care about your haters, then i am too #JENNIE— qq dd (@qqdd27) June 5, 2023

No one even had problems with sex scenes in Bridgerton, Fifty shades, other hollywood films or even k drama films and series. They just want to hate on Jennie for dumb reasons #THEIDOL Also, when male idols danced sexily, no one made a big deal about it #JENNIE— RedCats (@RedCatsGrunDogs) June 5, 2023

This is only the first episode and it was so sad seeing #JENNIE playing a role like that in #THEIDOL idk what’s waiting for us in the next episodes .— 🌙 (@sukunabff) June 5, 2023

i kinda feel bad for her for all the backlash she’s gonna get , ik sumoyall liked it Ig , but her image is ruined for life still like #JENNIE a lot tho but #THEIDOL will probably ruin her mostly in Korea . #JENNIEActressDebut was sad .— 🌙 (@sukunabff) June 5, 2023

The much talked-about HBO series, The Idol, is streaming already. Prior to its premiere, the show was screened at the ongoing Cannes Film Festival and features Jennie from BLACKPINK, The Weeknd, Lily-Rose Depp, and Troye Sivan, among others in pivotal roles. It is a new TV series on HBO about a pop singer’s comeback. Director Sam Levinson, during an interaction with Rolling Stone, said that he believes the show is meant to be provocative and thinks that criticism indicates it will be popular. Levinson took over as director after the previous director left due to “creative changes.”

According to Rolling Stone magazine’s report in March, the series, under the direction of Sam Levinson, the creator of HBO’s popular show Euphoria, hit setbacks. It had to be rewritten and reshot to include more sexual content and nudity. That apart, the plot was refocused to give The Weeknd, who is both a creator and star of the show, a more prominent role.


Lily-Rose Depp plays the role of pop singer Jocelyn in The Idol, while Tesfaye plays Tedros, a nightclub impresario in Los Angeles who is Jocelyn’s love interest and is later revealed to be a secret cult leader. The series is set to premiere on June 4. Following the screening of the first two episodes at the Cannes Film Festival, critics commented on the show’s provocative sex scenes and nudity.

If you’re wondering where to watch The Idol in India, we have an answer for you! The show is streaming on JioCinema already. The series will comprise six episodes, with each episode running for approximately an hour. However, this it’s an international show, one will need to subscrbe to JioCinema Premium to watch it.

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