Kushal Tandon Wants To Improve Relation With Ekta Kapoor, Admits ‘I Gave Her a Tough Time’ | Exclusive


Last Updated: July 15, 2023, 09:05 IST

Kushal Tandon makes a comeback on TV with Barsatein.

Kushal Tandon is currently seen in Barsatein- Mausam Pyar Ka next to Shivangi Joshi.

Actor Kushal Tandon recently made a comeback to our television screens after five years with Barsatein-Mausam Pyar Ka. The actor enjoys a massive fan following, and especially after his performance in Beyhadh, he went on to become one of the most bankable stars in the TV industry. Amid all his laurels, there were rumours that the actor was a very difficult person to work with and that producers refrained from approaching him.

Now, in an exclusive conversation with News18 Showsha, the actor admitted the same and also shared that he is a changed person now. Kushal mentioned that he has realised how unprofessional it is if someone gives a tough time to the showrunners.

“I’ve realised this now. Because as a producer, if somebody will come late on my sets, I’ll go for a loss. So I used to come late on sets. I used to cancel shoots I used to come do everything possible, but I’m not proud of it. It was a phase,” he told us.

Kushal Tandon further expressed his desire to mend ways with Ekta Kapoor and added, “With time, You get mature. You get into introspection. And now that I’m venturing into production, I understand it. And another reason, for me doing this show is also because I wanted to undo my thing with Ekta Kapoor. I really gave her a tough time. People will now notice this change in me. I am being on time, I am not cancelling the shoots. I really want to undo my things with her. She has done so much for me. We have worked together so many times.”

“When you own up to your things, it’s nullified. Everybody makes mistakes. It was a phase. I did that and now I am acknowledging it,” the actor concluded.

In Barsatein- Mausam Pyar Ka, Kushal is seen opposite Shivangi Joshi. The show recently premiered and is receiving a decent response from the audience. The synopsis of the show reads, “A sensible and ambitious journalist (Shivangi Joshi) joins a media company run by a suave maverick man (Kushal Tandon). While united in their passion for honest and ground-breaking journalism, their contrasting characters immediately puts them at loggerheads. What will happen when she starts falling in love with him despite the red flags?”

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