Home Entertainment Gauahar and Andy are fake: Rajat

Gauahar and Andy are fake: Rajat

Gauahar and Andy are fake: Rajat
rajaAfter his ouster from Bigg Boss 7, on Colors, director-actor Rajat Rawail got candid with us on life inside the house, his next move and more…

Sorry, Salman!

This rolly-polly friend of Salman Khan won many hearts when he smiled, laughed and generally added to the cheer quotient as an inmate in the Bigg Boss’s house in the first week of the reality show. But, by next week, things took a 360 degree turn, and Rajat, who was responsible for cracking many a joke, was shown perpetually crying, complaining and wailing about his ill health, even though the medical experts attached with show aired on Colors, declared him medically fit and fine. Ask Rajat, what exactly went wrong, and he says: “Every week, the inmates get a chance to voice their secret wish. And when I spoke about my wish to speak to my darling daughter Gehna, from that moment onwards, I completely lost it! I knew there were inmates who were saying that I was faking my illness, but the fact remains that mentally and psychologically, I had allowed my emotions to get the better of me! I feel bad for Salman bhai, who recommended me for the show, but I really was helpless and couldn’t lift myself from the emotional abyss!”

Fake galore!

Ask him who are the most dangerous inmates in the show this season, and Rajat says without much ado: “I feel Gauhar and Andy are faking out their emotions and trying to project themselves as different people. Andy, especially, has a very patronizing attitude towards others. He probably feels he is overqualified and over educated for the show. Gauhar has her own agenda and I’m sure all the inmates and also the viewers will realise it soon enough!”

The dark horse!

Interestingly, Rajat feels that it is Apurva Agnihotri, who may turn the tables soon. “I feel Apurva is a lot like Rahul Roy. He’s playing the game silently but solidly. So, we could have a dark horse there in him,” says he.


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