Eisha Singh Says Her Parents Are ‘Living Apart’, ‘Made a Lot of Sacrifices’ For Her Career


Published By: Chirag Sehgal

Last Updated: June 06, 2023, 20:31 IST

Eisha Singh appears as the lead actress on the supernatural thriller – Bekaboo.

Eisha Singh lives in Mumbai with her mother and brother, while her father stays in Bhopal.

Eisha Singh, who has been featuring as the lead actress on supernatural thriller show Bekaboo, has revealed that her parents have been living separately just to support her career. In an interview with ETimes, the actress revealed that her mother and brother live with her in Mumbai whereas her father has to stay in Bhopal because of his job. She opened up about her strong bond with her family and the sacrifices they have made to support her career.

Eisha, accompanied by her mother and brother, decided to surprise her dad on his birthday recently. She expressed her joy after spending quality time with her family: “It felt so good to spend time with the family. My dad gave us a surprise by renovating our house. He left my room intact because he knows I have many memories attached to it. We make sure to celebrate festivals and birthdays together.”

Eisha has worked in shows like Sirf Tum Ishq Subhan Allah. She admits that she misses living with her entire family and appreciates the sacrifice that her family has willingly made to support her acting career.

“I wanted to pursue acting and so I came to Mumbai along with my mother and brother. They did this for me. My parents have made a lot of sacrifices for me. They are living apart for my career,” she said.


Eisha’s journey in Mumbai was not without its challenges. She struggled with homesickness when she first moved to the city. She confessed, “I missed home so much that I would cry for almost a year. But now, I feel that Mumbai has embraced me, and I am content and happy here.” Over time, she has found a sense of belonging in Mumbai and has grown to appreciate the city that has become her second home.

Eisha Singh’s dedication to her craft and the love she shares with her family continue to make her an adored figure in the television industry. The actress also recently addressed the dating rumours about her and her Bekaboo co-star Shalin Bhanot. She termed the rumours “not true” in an interview with ETimes.

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