When Deepika’s father blasted at a mobile service company


deepikaExcept for the times when she bites off more than she will be able to chew (remember the debacle over Race two dates?) Deepika Padukone is understood to be one heck of knowledgeable gal. It came as a surprise once she summarily off a shoot and disappeared.

Her PR team swung into action, managing pointed queries from the media (the incident had followed Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘I will provide my life for Katrina’ comment) and therefore the official version was: “She is unwell and resting at home in Prabhadevi.” but an audacious journalist managed to call her non-public number and was greeted with a call waiting message in Kannada, shredding to bits the official statement. This didn’t go down well with Dippy’s father, Prakash Padukone, who known as up the mobile service supplier, blasting them for the machine-driven vernacular response, that’s a dead giveaway of the person’s location, even though it’s a personal number. unfortunately for the Padukones, the service supplier had an automatic response… ‘sorry sir, we won’t change our rules for any star.’


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