Twitter Users Amazed by Aizawl’s Seamless Traffic Etiquette


Mizoram’s capital Aizawl is renowned for being a rare horn-free city in India. In the city, where road space is limited, people adhere to a self-imposed driving code to avoid traffic jams. For India, this is a utopian dream because navigating Indian traffic can get incredibly stressful with the constant honking and egregious violations of traffic laws. A video of the city’s remarkable traffic discipline has now gone viral once again. The clip shows cars parked one after the other on one side of the road. Without hurrying, honking, or attempting to take over each other, the vehicles can be seen driving in a line behind the lead vehicle.

Two-wheelers can be observed moving in another lane with all of the riders wearing helmets. Despite the absence of any markers or dividers to distinguish the lanes, commuters are seen regulating lane traffic on their own. Aizawl is hailed as being the only silent city in India, and the text in the film applauds locals for their courteous driving etiquette.

A travel blogger from Mizoram named Elizabeth posted the video on Instagram last month. Elizabeth mentioned in the post’s caption that in Aizawl, everyone waits peacefully for their turn without honking, and she pondered if this should be implemented in all cities. More than 5.2 million people have watched the video on Instagram.

Aizawl city received praise online for its seamless vehicle movement from several users. “So true. I observed this during my stay as well,” wrote a user while another commented, “It’s amazing to see the responsibility and discipline like this. Hopefully, every city in India turns like this.”

“Omg. Can’t believe respect to all Aizawl people,” read one of the sections.

Aizwal’s traffic management and the no-honking culture had impressed former Indian Prime Minister Ramnath Kovind, who urged other cities to emulate it while speaking at the convocation ceremony of Mizoram University in May this year. “I have been told that despite busy traffic, the dutiful people of Aizawl refrain from honking. This practice is worth appreciating and may be adopted by people in other cities too,” he was quoted as saying by PTI.

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