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Hrithik teams up with Myntra.com, launches lifestyle brand HRX

Hrithik teams up with Myntra.com, launches lifestyle brand HRX

hrithik-roshanNew Delhi, Nov twenty two film industry star Hrithik Roshan has joined forces with on-line looking portal Myntra.com to solely launch and manufacture his active way attire and casual wear brand HRX.

The HRX assortment may be a combination of favor and substance inspirationally drawn from the “Krrish” star. The whole may be a mixture of his supreme vogue and keenness, and can be oversubscribed solely on Myntra.com beginning Sat, said an announcement.

The vary includes extreme casuals and simple actives in attire along side sports footwear for men. These merchandise square measure light-weight and manufactured from premium materials crafted with a recent slim work. the road is dominated by spirited colors.

“I continuously visualised HRX to be a platform that might inspire folks to bring out their best and to ne’er quit. My team, Afsar Zaidi from Exceed and Sid crowned head from The Wild East cluster have taken my philosophy and turned it into a whole,” Hrithik said of the whole in an exceedingly statement.

“Partnering with Myntra.com to launch HRX was the opportune call as they’re in-sync with our philosophy and effortlessly helped in making the whole, even as I envisioned,” he added.

The 39-year-old star’s huge fan base are a serious advantage for the whole, believes Mukesh Bansal, chief operating officer and co-founder, Myntra.

“We square measure terribly excited regarding the chance to make original autochthonous brands in India. Hrithik has huge fan base and is wide revered for his passion for fitness.

“We felt that we are able to produce a awfully distinctive and lasting whole by taking inspiration from Hrithik’s work ethic, his unbelievable story of overcoming numerous setbacks and after all, his (identity) joined of the foremost fashionable actors in bollywood,” Bansal said.

The vary starts from Rs.499 for basic t-shirts and goes up to Rs.2,499 for jeans and trousers.


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