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Go ethnic this Durga Puja

Go ethnic this Durga Puja

33Mimi Chakraborty is ditching jeans and tees for a traditional wardrobe this Puja

Top on Mimi Chakraborty’s to-do list this Puja? To prove her parents wrong. No, she’s not had a tiff with them, but when it comes to the young actress’s wardrobe, dad and mum always pick faults with her, insists Mimi. “My parents keep complaining that I am too tomboyish. I hardly wear a sari or a salwar kameez. They think that every year, in the name of Puja shopping, I go out and buy shorts, denims and loads of tees. That’s why this year I’ve decided to give them a surprise!”

So Mimi has been secretly shopping for traditional attire. The top pick from her Puja shopping bag is a south cotton. “I want to see a smile on Baba’s face when I wear it on Shasthi morning, since this will be his Puja gift to me,” chuckled Mimi. She’s not too much of a jewellery person, but can’t resist the bling. “Ma screams if I buy new earrings or bangles. Her staple line is: ‘Noy tomar jama kapor, juto, goyna thakbe noy amra thakbo.’ So this Puja, I’ve promised I will wear everything I buy,” smiles Mimi.

And what about mum’s gift? “I’ll ask her to get me an Anarkali kurta. My stylist insists that I wear a lehnga this Puja. I look cool in it, don’t I?” she says, head cocked to one side. Add her dimpled smile to the picture, and this Devi can sure win a million hearts.


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