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How to fix broken lipstick

How to fix broken lipstick
lipstickFollow these simple rules…-Take off the broken part of your lipstick. Even if it’s loose or hanging, you have to take the broken part out to fix it and repair the lip colour.

-Melt the broken part of the lipstick using a matchstick or a lighter. The best way is to use a candle. Carefully melt the broken piece, but remember, you don’t need to burn the lipstick.

-Place the melted broken piece over the lipstick and press it gently. Be very careful as pressing too hard may spoil the entire container, so do it carefully.

-Shape your lipstick with tooth pick and repair the joint. You have to be quite patient and careful while doing this job as the lip colour is not yet fixed properly and may fall off again. Once done, clean the lipstick container with a tissue paper.

-Keep the lipstick in the fridge to cool it down and let it set completely. It will take an hour at most. And finally you are ready. Reuse your favourite lip colour like nothing ever happened.


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