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Dance drama brings stories of unfulfilled desires

Dance drama brings stories of unfulfilled desires

Dance dramaNew Delhi, Dec six :Kathak artist Shovana Narayan’s dance performances within the capital showcase 2 girls characters from the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries who were freelancers and sceptered however sweet-faced loneliness and had several unrealized wishes.

In the “Tryst with the Past” ballet festival Dec 11-12, the Padma Shri recipient can perform as Jehan Ara, eldest girl of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal in “Jehan Ara: The enigmatic Mughal Princess”.

She will additionally perform as Kadambari Devi, in-law, friend and critic of Nobelist Rabindranath Tagore in “Kadambari: The Poet’s Muse”.

“Jehan Ara was the favorite female offspring of her folks. She was additionally the foremost intelligent and ready of all the siblings. Her great grandparent (Akbar) settled that girls in their families will not marry. So, despite all her beauty and power she had this unfulfillment and loss of affection,” Narayan told.

“Kadambari was Tagore’s inspiration and muse. Their relationship was terribly mysterious. She was a poet however was a lonely soul,” she additional.

Narayan feels each of them are indicative of up to date girls and their unrealized wishes bind them along.

“Women are sceptered and that they are freelance, however now and then they draw bound boundaries owing to the society and build changes at the value of their own happiness,” she said.

The one-and-a-half hour performances can happen Dec eleven and twelve at the Kamani area.


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