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Car, second wardrobe for women

Car, second wardrobe for women

makeup in carLondon, November 4 a new analysis reveals that many girls use their car as a second wardrobe. They have extra clothing, accessories and makeup in their vehicle in case of an emergency.

During the analysis conducted by World Wide Web.breakeryard.com, 1,621 feminine drivers between the age group of eighteen and twenty five years from around Great Britain were polled as a part of an ongoing study into the habits of car owners.

The top 5 fashion and beauty things kept in their cars were:
– Makeup
– Tops
– Dresses
– Shoes
– Beauty and hair accessories

The main reasons for keeping these things in the car included emergencies.

You’ll see several incidents wherever the interiors of people’s cars seem like a proverbial bombsite.This is fast food wrappers and general rubbish. However, if you look on the far side this you tend to see samples of useful things making up a considerable quantity of the clutter.”

“With the quick pace of modern life, it is sensible to keep back up things in your car just in case of emergency… Makeup being favorite although isn’t any surprise, because the majority of girls wish to touch up on their handiwork from time to time. we might advise keeping the majority of it in the boot although, as an expensive pair of straighteners on the backseat can be a prime target for thieves,” Bott added.


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