South Africa is more than wildlife


South Africa is more than wildlifeNot mentioning life in an africa travelogue is a way to invite some ire but hey, this isn’t a brochure anyway .

Point is, if spotting had your share of animal sanctuary outings in india, spotting some more value-additions like zebras or giraffes shouldn’t be the ‘only’ agenda of your continent trip.

That there’s a ecu hangover here
Having been settled by the Dutch and British within the past, South Africa these days bears a quiet hangover of it. Nearly half its cities have Dutch names (Johannesburg, city et al) while Cape Town, that has thus far served as the interim port for European ships to Asia, flaunts distinctive Amsterdam-esque design.

That Cape Town leaves you sleepless
Arguably the most vibrant harbour town within the world, Cape Town is certain to catch your day time attention with its history (Robben island, where nelson mandela was imprisoned), its picturesque farm drives and after all the Table mountain, SA’s rival for the New Seven Wonders.

That you may be a gold-digger for on a daily basis
A town shaped because of a gold-rush within the Eighteen Eighties, johannesburg still considers mining as serious business and it’s at one amongst its vital mines — the Gold Reef town that guests will get a feel of being a manual laborer.

Though it is simple to seek out dal fry, biryani or even religion food…
South Africa claims to be home to the largest Indian community outside the sub-continent and thence is also home to some sensible, dangerous and ugly Indian eateries at surprising corners. like the expansive ‘Raj’ (which serves rubbish gulab-jamuns) right over a flashy casino in a very Sun town edifice, or the impressive ‘Bhandaris’ (run by a South African!) on the way a wine drive in Cape Town.

You can invariably eat an ostrich/crocodile/zebra…
..and gather thereforeme stories for your grandchildren whereas doing so. ‘Game meat’, specifically afraid and exquisitely ready, may be a unique local treat you must try if your heart (and credit limit) permits. The common ones are ‘biltong’ (cured beef/ostrich meat, spiced and dried) and the spring buck (antelope).

But will not have the center to the touch the penguins here .
It may be known as the jackass {penguin|Spheniscus demersus|penguin} because of its bray however the African penguin at Boulders beach close to cape town can still get the ‘aww’s going among your cluster. This colony of two-three feet long black-andwhite beauties is on a spectacular beach, and for people who thought such screen saver-like things were practised solely in New zealand, this can be a sasta, sundar possibility.

That they love their brewage… and cricket
As apparent from the stands in any match in warrior or Newlands, the South Africans love their golden brew as much as they love cricket. whereas several ‘shebeens’ (traditional taverns with smiling fat ‘mamas’ obtaining everybody drunk) have given away to plush bars, the locals still down ‘Castle’ and argue on their Smiths and Steyns.

That safety and friendliness are under-rated
All this said, your father/in-law may still clamp down upon your south africa itinerary for ‘safety’ reasons. however having been there double and done things like hailing a mini-van filled with African-Americans from an empty street post 11pm; asked 100 strangers for directions and partied until dawn, this author will vouch for the land’s safety and amiability