Rooting for Heidi


Rooting for HeidiAs I peel off a jacket and then a sweater on my hike up from Maienfeld village towards Heididorf, i’m reminded of an initial scene from the book. Heidi is clambering up the alps behind her aunty Dete, and because it gets warmer and warmer, off comes one layer of clothing after another. i need to have browse the book nearly 3 decades past, yet I remember the scene vividly. and that i remember rooting for the implike, rebellious very little orphan that moment on.

Me, i’m not rebelling; i’m simply not dressed for the warm weather. The last few days had been unseasonably wet and cold for August, and i had expected a lot of of an equivalent.

So, here’s the issue. In Heidiland, it’s simple to forget that Heidi may be a fictional character. there is a museum dedicated to her life; to author Johanna Spyri very, and therefore the innumerable Heidi adaptations. It comes with a reward search that sells, yes, Heidithemed things from chocolates to icebox magnets, faculty luggage and water bottles. near it’s a model of Heidi’s home, the one she would have shared together with her fussy grandfather.

I am ambivalent regarding this expertise, after I take in somebody say in a breathless voice, “This may be a dream return true for me.” after I mention this later to Tabhitha Forrer from Heidiland tourism, she says this is a typical sentiment expressed by Heididorf guests.

I have to admit, even while not the Heidi motif, it’s a beautiful spot to induce hitched in. The lulling sound of cowbells. The crisp mountain air. The uninterrupted views of distant mountain peaks.

That afternoon, i’m let into a Swiss secret, and it’s nothing to do with bank accounts. in the neighbouring village of Malans, I meet fifth generation wine-maker Martin Donatsch, who has trained in Australia, south africa, France and switzerland. Martin — whose mother’s name is Heidi — has been winning awards for his pinot Noir. but what wins me over throughout the tasting session, is that the intense Completer, a grape distinctive to switzerland.

And then i wonder what other secrets the swiss hold close to their hearts.