Diaspora must be part of India’s development: Modi


I-MNew Delhi, Nov 21: The Indian diaspora should be a part of the country’s development, Prime Minister Narendra Modi aforesaid Fri, a day once ending a visit to Myanmar, Australia and Fiji.

“We want to make an environment wherever our diaspora conjointly feel that they will contribute towards India’s development journey,” he aforesaid during a blog.

“That is additionally the rationale I urged NRIs to stay sharing their views and thoughts (with the Indian government),” he added.

“On a private note, the love (I got) from the Indian community was touching,” Modi aforesaid.

“Be it in Myanmar, Australia and Fiji, i will not be able to describe their heat in words.

“I may see that they were happy with India and the changes happening in India. I may see dreams and expectations in their eyes.

“As I aforesaid throughout the Indian community programme in Sydney, we are totally alert to the expectations and we can leave no stone unturned  in making the India of their dreams,” he added.

During his three-nation visit that lasted ten days, Modi proclaimed visa-on-arrival facilities.

“It is our aim to create the diaspora an integral a part of our development journey and since the last few months we’ve got channelised our efforts during this regard.”