Narendra Modi poster child of India’s failure to punish the violent’: US commission


modiThe Two top members of a commission on religious freedom constituted by the us congress have said it is sad that the BJP has picked Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as its prime ministerial candidate and have described him as the “poster kid for India’s failure to punish the

The son of Gujarat, Mahatma Gandhi, who once offered a broad, tolerant vision for the country and its multi-religious society,” wrote Katrina Lantos Swett and mary Ann Glendon, in a very special op-ed on the CNN web site yesterday.

In 2014 attracts nigh, whose vision are embraced? that india can prevail – that {of religious|of spiritual|of non secular} freedom or religious intolerance? Time can tell,” they wrote.

The op-ed “The 2 faces of India” was printed on the blog of the popular CNN program “Global Public Square”, that is run by eminent Indian american Fareed Zakaria.
Their are nipper for India’s failure to punish the violent remains Narendra Modi, who is Gujarat’s chief minister – a post he control during the 2002 riots,” they wrote.
“That is why, more recently, sixty five members of India’s parliament wrote to the american President Barack Obama, requesting that he not issue Modi a visa. Sadly, despite all this, Gujarat’s most controversial resident is the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party candidate in India’s 2014 prime ministerial election,” Swett and Glendon wrote.

It was at the recommendation of usCIRF that the then bush administration had revoked the US via of Modi, based on the allegation regarding his involvement in the 2002 Gujarat riots.