Modi or Mahatma, who would prevail in 2014?


Modi or Mahatma, who would prevail in 2014Washington:All about Bharatiya Janata Party’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi because the “poster kid for India’s failure to punish the violent”, 2 us officials have wondered that india would prevail in 2014 elections.

There are “two faces of India” suggested Katrina Lantos Swett, Vice chairperson of the us Commission on International spiritual Freedom (USCIRF), an freelance commission created by an act people Congress, and Mary Ann Glendon a USCIRF Commissioner in an OpEd printed within the CNN web site.

The annual commemoration of end-of-year holy days from Diwali to the islamic twelvemonth to Christians “are a testament to India’s exceptional spiritual diversity, they wrote.

“Indeed, the governments and societies of many Indian states show clear hostility to freedom of conscience and faith, particularly for some religious minorities Swett and Glendon wrote noting “Over the past decade, hostility has typically devolved into violence.”

There are at least 2 factors have fuelled the bloodshed – anti-conversion laws and a failure to bring perpetrators to justice,” the officers wrote.

If the poster child for India’s failure to penalize the violent remains Narendra Modi, who is Gujarat’s chief minister – a post he control during the 2002 riots,” they wrote noting in 2005 the us State Department had revoked Modi’s visa at USCIRF’s recommendation.

The officers acknowledged that in april 2012, the Indian Supreme court’s Special investigative Team had did not prove guilt against Modi et al. during a case involving the deaths of nearly seventy folks.

“But he remains concerned in different Gujarat-associated cases that have yet to be investigated or adjudicated. that’s why, a lot of recently, sixty five members of India’s parliament wrote to President of america Barack Obama, requesting that he not issue Modi a visa,” they said.

“Sadly, despite all this, Gujarat’s most controversial resident is that the main opposition Bharatiya Janata Party candidate in India’s 2014 prime ministerial election,” the 2 officers wrote.

Noting ” it was another son of Gujarat, mahatma gandhi, who once offered a broad, tolerant vision for the country and its multi-religious society,” they wondered, “So, as 2014 attracts nigh, whose vision are going to be embraced?”