Modi attacks Sonia over ‘low thought’ barb


M09New Delhi, May 10: Taking on Congress president Sonia Gandhi for line of work him an individual of “low thought”, BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi Friday defendant her of “stooping low” due to close defeat within the general elections.

Addressing his 12th and last India Vijay 3D rally, Modi aforesaid he had suffered “intolerable pain” attributable to such allegations throughout the campaign however charged the Congress with “having lost its base” and having “no determination” left to place up a fight.

Responding to Gandhi’s allegation, Modi contended that his thoughts rotated around generating employment for the youth, right remuneration for farmers for their manufacture and no repeat of the ‘Nirbhaya’ (the Delhi Dec 16, 2012 gang rape) episode, among alternative problems with national importance.

“If thinking all this is to be of an individual of low thought, I settle for it,” he said.

He in turn defendant Gandhi and her party of practising the politics of “untouchability”.

“You are the president of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. Its economists study smart governmental practises and award the. 3 of your high economists gave Gujarat the award for being the best model of governance four to 5 years back. You raped them,” Modi aforesaid.

Citing another example, Modi aforesaid that a minister from Congress-ruled Kerala was corrected by chief minister for complimentary the Gujarat model. “Is this democracy?” he asked.

Responding to Congress’ allegation that he gave alternative backward category standing to his caste in Gujarat, he aforesaid choices regarding such matters had been taken by the Congress at the central level on the premise of “social, economic and academic parameters”.

“My caste hardly counts in terms of numbers,” he said, adding the Congress was free to “damage” him however mustn’t “abuse a numerically small caste”.