‘Drug overdose may have led to Pushkar’s death’


SUNANDA01New Delhi, Jan 19: A drug overdose can be the reason for the death of Sunanda Pushkar, wife of junior HRD Minister Shashi Tharoor, in a hotel here, police sources said Saturday.

“It can be a case of drug overdose but things would be clear only when the detailed autopsy report,” the sources said, adding it can be an overdose of sleeping pills.

Sources revealed that the couple had “verbal spat” during their flight from Thiruvananthapuram to Delhi.

In the hotel too they were arguing, that was disclosed by the house keeping workers to police during investigation.

“The hotel’s housekeeping workers said that the couple were seen arguing in the lobby,” the police sources told.

Sunanda Pushkar was found dead below mysterious circumstances in her area at The Leela Palace hotel in south Delhi Friday.

Her death came barely 24 hours when she and Shashi Tharoor declared they were “happily married” following public airing of tweets that hinted at an extra-marital relationship and the alleged involvement of a Pakistani woman.

Tharoor, who complained of chest pain, was admitted in the same hospital few hours when Pushkar’s death. He was discharged in the afternoon.

Pushkar was cremated in the evening.

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