Bollywood actor Farooque Sheikh dead


FAROOQUEMumbai, Dec 28: Veteran Bollywood actor Farooque sheikh died of a fast cardiac arrest in Dubai late Friday, his long-time co-star and friend Deepti naval aforesaid.

“I don’t have the details nonetheless, and i haven’t been able to speak to any of his family members, however an exponent confirmed it to me. I also spoke to Shabana Azmi who was additionally attentive to the unhappy, shocking and unbelievable news,” Naval told.

Sheikh is thought for his roles in “Chashme Budoor”, “Saath Saath” among others.

“It is unbelievable. i am in a state of shock. he’s one of the best actors within the film industry. he is the one who has forever inspired me to work,” a teary in a told.

“I just got a decision from Shabana Azmi. She aforesaid he had a vast heart attack in city. they’ll be obtaining his body to India. i’m in Himachal at once. i’m flying back to Mumbai,” she said.

She aforesaid that his body are going to be delivered to Mumbai for the last rites once finishing the relevant formalities in Dubai.

Sheikh, 65, was reported to be in a fit condition and had interacted with service 2 months past at the Sharjah book fair.

She recalled the promise she and also the late actor had created, and said: “After our last film Listen Amaya, Farooque and that i had secure to every different that we’ll work along once more and there have been several films within the pipeline. we had set to be in touch in terms of work.”

Born march 25, 1948, sheikh started his Bollywood career in 1973 with the classic “Garm Hava” and later excelled in each parallel and thought cinema.

Over the years, he became known for his roles in many notable movies, together with Satyajit Ray’s “Shatranj Ke Khiladi”, “Umrao Jaan”, “Kissise Na Kehna”, “Noorie”, and “Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani” in which he played Ranbir Kapoor’s father. He was last seen in Club 60.

Sheikh is celebrated for his vast contribution to parallel cinema, low-budget high quality movies, theatre and tv – the last medium wherever he hosted a well-liked program, “Jeena isi Ka Naam Hai”.