Reliance Power allowed to return Dadri land


DADRINew Delhi, Sept 17: The Supreme Court Tues allowed Reliance Power to come 956 acres of land, close to the national capital, noninheritable  by the Uttar Pradesh government for an electricity-generating unit that had landed in litigations.

The apex court disposed of as infructuous the petition by Reliance Power that had challenged a Allahabad supreme court order of 2009. The supreme court had quashed the acquisition of land by the authorities.

The supreme court had conjointly created it necessary for the authorities to hunt a no-objection certificate from every seller of the land or come the compensation they received for an equivalent. This was contested  by the interested parties.

The Supreme Court disposed off the petition when the corporate aforesaid it needed to come the 956 acres attributable to sure factors. For the record, Reliance Power had clearly aforesaid it might have originated the project had there been no legal problems with the land noninheritable  for the project.

In the petition, the corporate aforesaid it needed to come the land for the gas-based power project on account of non-availability of feed stock.

Reliance Power had captive the applying when the Allahabad supreme court judgment quashing the acquisition of land by the Uttar Pradesh government in 2004 and 2006 for the facility project, as some people had challenged the way during which the land was quarantined.

Reliance was awarded the project, and extended the noninheritable  land, supported competitive bidding.

“The current scenario is that there’s acute shortage of domestic fossil fuel offer and so it’s nearly not possible to get or secure any contemporary allotment of domestic fossil fuel needed to run the plant,” Reliance Power had aforesaid in appeal.